Theodore Psychoyos: Working With Matter

In a neighborhood close to the port of Piraeus, where empty industrial buildings meet affordable rents, a community of designers, artists, and galleries has taken root, with Theodore Psychoyos' low-key studio among them. Psychoyos, an Athens-based sculptor, is all about the raw essence of material. His creations, spanning from stools to tables, explore the interplay of shapes and surfaces, teasing out the delicate dance between gravity and balance. Through his hefty yet graceful pieces, he challenges us to rethink our relationship with the spaces we inhabit. Initially wary of the weight and solidity of marble, Psychoyos has come to value its essence, integrating it seamlessly into his artistic repertoire. Likewise, IASON ROUVAS, an artist in his own right, is no stranger to incorporating new materials. He's now infusing his spring and summer 2024 collection with the gleam of yellow gold, redefining his connection with sterling silver along the way.

Photography: Clemens Poloczek
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