Vrantsi’s Villa Earth is actually not a yacht

As you make your way up to the edge of this massive structure, you start to question whether your eyes are playing tricks on you. An illusion that exists in scenes of a Bond film has now embedded itself into a Mediterranean cliff, in the real world — Villa Earth. Constructed from glass, steel, and concrete, the villa stands as a private residence exuding a bold and dynamic aesthetic. It’s marked by a minimalist design, merging fluid lines, organic forms, and futuristic materials, creating a visual reminiscent of a yacht emerging from the waters and clinging to the cliffside. Iason Rouvas design ethos is rooted in Mediterranean architecture. Take the Streamer cuff; inspired after the adventures found in nature. Its free-flowing lines mimic the movement of water, leading toward the edges of a triangular symbol — in Greek, the triangle serves as a doorway to a new chapter. Much like the villa, the Streamer cuff is for those who seek that raw authentic elegance.

*Images by Vrantsi
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