This 1970s Cali Gold BMW Is Making A Comeback

Defined by its distinctive geometric lines, Marcello Gandini’s classic cali-gold Garmisch BMW is a testament to the deep roots it shares with Italian design and coach-building. Popping up on the scene at the 1970 Geneva Motorshow, it disappeared shortly after, leaving enthusiasts curious about its return. But just when they thought it was gone for good, the Garmisch resurfaced as an independent proposal, a bold flex by Bertone to show off its studio’s creativity. It's not every day you see an automaker resurrecting a concept car from the depths of history, making the Garmisch a true renegade in the automotive world. Today, car connoisseurs like Iason Rouvas, dig deep into the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail packed into this concept car, handcrafted by masters in Turin, just like it was nearly half a century ago. Authenticity runs through every curve and contour of this BMW, mirroring the patterns and lines found in Iason Rouvas’s own jewelry collection; and his toys. Like the Garmisch, a vehicle with a unique story; Iason Rouvas is more than just the sleek designs - it’s about the human ingenuity and passion woven into every aspect of the project.

*All images courtesy of BMW unless otherwise stated.
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