The Forgotten Remnants of Hellenikon Airport

Down on the southern Athenian coast sits Hellenikon, an abandoned plot of land, three times the size of Monaco. Once the busy hub of Athens' international airport, it now has sat in silence for two decades. Back in the 90s, Greece's tourism industry was popping off, showing no signs of slowing down; with Hellenikon managing 10 million passengers annually. Hellenikon was the lifeline linking Greece to the globe, enabling Athens to reach five continents in under 23 hours. Praised for its lavish cabin service, the airline quickly gained recognition, reflecting the extravagant taste of its Greek founder, one of the planet's wealthiest individuals. Flight attendants decked out in chic, Chanel uniforms, epitomized the airline's commitment to luxury. Passengers indulged in meals served on porcelain plates with gilded cutlery and crystal glasses, leaving a lasting impression on sophisticated travel. Iason Rouvas brings the vibes of Greek culture straight to your jewelry collection. Crafted for every day wear, yet conceived as statement pieces, they complement those hot summers on the Greek Islands. Whether you're rocking the Zeus pendant on your flight or the Defender cuff on your wrist, each item from Iason Rouvas narrates a story of adventure and relaxation. It's not just jewelry—it's a piece of your memories, reminding you of those unforgettable moments every time you wear it.

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