Staten Island – The Crimson Beech House

48 Manor Ct, Staten Island, NY 10306

Frank Lloyd Wright designed a wave of private homes across the U.S., but there’s only one in New York City. Part of a series of prefabricated homes — easy to construct and affordable — the only private residence in NYC happens to be in the Burrough of Staten Island.

An L-shaped structure with four bedrooms, a sunken living room, a standard carport, and a gallery; the 1959 Crimson Beech House still stands today. Built for original Queens residents, Catherine and William Cass, for under $35,000, Wright revolutionized the American approach of using sustainable design.

IASON ROUVAS pays homage to Wright when it comes to living and aesthetics; creating quality pieces for comfortable, everyday wear. Wright’s designs are both functional and elegant — practical concepts that Rouvas emphasizes in his collections.
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