O.Siampakoulis Architects Elevate the Traditional Parking Design

A tale of intentional luxury tucked away in the most unexpected of places—a garage. Imagine entering a high-end, natural stone reception area, an oasis of sophistication in the midst of a parking garage? Situated in the lower section of a 7-story building, this parking lot sees about 1,000 visitors daily. In the heart of the busy streets of Athens, where traffic challenges and parking scarcity are the norm, Oikonomakis Siampakoulis Architects have rewritten the playbook for parking facilities, elevating it from a mere convenience to an enticing showcase that sets the tone in this rugged city. The project unfolded with a meticulous renovation, breathing new life into the entry-level, circulation pathways, parking arrangements, and finishes with a fresh coat of sophistication. But the pièce de résistance? The reception area—a jewel within the concrete confines. Its strategic placement at the crossroads of Solonos St. and Asklipiou became the beating heart of the entire garage. The architects took a bold approach, repurposing an old accounting office into an open-plan layout within the garage's unique triangular space. The design strategy involved a game of striking contrasts, featuring a pristine white palette for the main areas, while the reception space emerged as a spectacle of natural marble adorned with brass details. This design decision aimed to craft a distinctive and elegant focal point within the infrastructure, reminiscent of a jewelry-like centerpiece. This unexpected marriage of luxury and practicality defied norms, morphing the garage from mere parking space to a bona fide destination. IASON ROUVAS balls in the same league when it comes to function meeting finesse. Even in the most ordinary spaces, extraordinary architecture and design can unfold.

All images by Yannis Drakoulidis
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